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Why Hire a Local Injury Lawyer?

Being in a car accident never happens at a convenient time. Generally, when a negligent driver causes a collision, medical treatment will be necessary for injuries suffered. Your vehicle will need repairs so you can drive to your medical treatment. Depending on the significance of your injuries, you may not be able to work, losing income at a critical time when income is even more necessary. Then there is the navigation of insurance carriers. It may seem like you are in a bad dream. It may seem like no one is on your side!

MINGUS MOUNTAIN LAW GROUP, PLLC is on your side. Having served Northern Arizona for 18 years, we know the medical providers, auto body shops, and first responders. We know the courts, process servers, accident, and opposing counsel. We are local, and we know local. We drive the same streets you drive, and shop in the same grocery stores. When you retain us to represent you, you meet with an Arizona licensed lawyer who will answer all your legal questions, not just a legal assistant. Our team will personally guide you to the right physicians, physical therapists, and surgeons. We will make sure your vehicle is repaired in a reasonable amount of time.

Hiring a local injury lawyer gives you big leverage when injured by a negligent driver. We not only promptly answer your emails and phone calls, we actually call you to perform well checks. And since we are just down the street from you, you can stop for a personal visit anytime. Finally, because we know all that is local, as well as the bodily injury claims process, we obtain for our clients the top dollar compensation they deserve.

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