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The Most Common Vehicle Accident Injuries

Statistics show that over 25-50 million people annually are injured in some type of vehicle accident in the US. Even though the circumstances of car accidents vary greatly,  the most common vehicle accident injuries are outlined below. Mingus Mountain Law Group, attorneys representing accident victims in Prescott and Flagstaff, describes the most common vehicle accident injuries.

There are several factors that affect how severe the injuries from a car accident can be on the driver and passengers, including:

  • If the injured person was not wearing a seat belt or passenger restraint
  • The area of the vehicle that was struck, i.e. front, rear, side
  • If the driver was facing forward or if his or her body was turned in some way
  • How fast the vehicles were traveling at impact
  • If the vehicle was equipped with airbags, and if they deployed

Types of Injuries

When a body part comes into contact with the interior of the vehicle, that is known as an impact injury. It could be the person’s head striking a window or the impact of a person’s chest against the steering wheel. In the case of a motorcycle collision, impact injuries are far more serious as the body may come in contact with the roadway or other object.

If there is glass breakage or flying debris, the victim could suffer a penetrating injury. Penetrating injuries are typically cuts and scrapes, and could also be caused by some object within the vehicle, like a cell phone, striking the driver or passenger. An airbag may also cause cuts, scrapes, and burns when it deploys.

Another type of injury that commonly occurs is a soft tissue injury. This is when muscles, ligaments, or other “soft” tissue is damaged as a result of the impact of a car accident. Most of us are familiar with the term “whiplash.” The impact against the spine can also cause low or mid-back sprains. This type of injury most often can go unreported due to the possible lack of immediate pain or sensation of discomfort.

Some of the most serious injuries are head injuries. The unexpected stop or directional change at impact causes sudden and unexpected movements which can strain muscles in the neck and back. Head trauma could also result from a car accident, or even brain damage.

Be mindful that not all symptoms are readily noticeable after an accident. It is possible that some symptoms may take days, weeks or even months to manifest. For this reason, it is imperative that you seek medical attention immediately following an accident, and seek the services of a skilled attorney who can guide you through the legal process.

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