Understanding the Statute of Limitations and Its Importance in Legal Cases

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When you’re dealing with the aftermath of an injury or legal dispute, time isn’t just a healer—it’s also a crucial legal boundary known as the “statute of limitations.” But what exactly does this term mean, and why is it so important? The Ticking Clock of Legal Rights The statute of limitations is the time frame […]

Do You Need to Hire an Injury Attorney?

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When you suffer an injury, whether from a car accident, a slip and fall, or a workplace mishap, the decision to hire an injury attorney might not be the first thing on your mind. Dealing with the immediate aftermath—medical treatment, insurance calls, and personal recovery—takes precedence. However, once the dust settles, you may find yourself […]

Why Seek Legal Help After an Injury? Understanding the Value of Expert Legal Guidance

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Suffering an injury as a result of someone else’s negligence can be a life-altering event. Beyond the immediate physical pain and emotional distress, the aftermath of an injury often involves navigating the complex world of medical treatments, insurance claims, and potential legal battles. In such situations, seeking legal help is not just an option but […]

The Importance of Evidence in Injury Cases

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  Evidence serves as the foundation of any injury case, and will play a large role in determining the outcome.  At MINGUS MOUNTAIN LAW GROUP, PLLC, we understand the critical role evidence plays in securing the compensation clients our clients deserve.  Building a Compelling Case The journey to a successful injury claim begins with the […]

Who is Mark A. Kille?

Mark Anthony Kille, born and raised in Kansas City, MO, is the oldest of six children.  He married his high school sweetheart who blessed them with four beautiful daughters.  The Kille family has called Prescott their home since 2005. Mark became a lawyer in 2001 to help people.  His life verse can be found in […]