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There are a variety of ways you may have been injured on another’s property. We obtain monetary results, either through litigation, or by negotiating settlements, for a variety of premises liability actions. Our premises liability clients may have been injured by any of the following entities:

Retail stores ● Office buildings ● Cities and counties ● Private individuals ● Railroads

These individuals or entities are the defendants in a premises liability action. Although they are the ones who will be liable for their premises, the dangerous condition could occur in a number of ways. Some of the most common are the following: a wet floor in a grocery store or restaurant causing a slip and fall; merchandise falls off an overstocked shelf at a retail store and strikes someone; unprovoked assault by bar patron in a bar; or a dog attack (please see our Dog Attacks page for more information on dog attacks).

Premises Liability Incidents Can Cause Serious Personal Injury

What may seem like a simple incident at first may result in serious long term physical and emotional injuries. If you were injured on the property of another because they failed to warn you of a dangerous condition, or because they failed to fix the dangerous condition, you deserve compensation that we can help you secure.

It is important to protect and document the evidence in a premises liability case before it disappears. We can help. In order to speak to an experienced attorney about your case, contact Mingus Mountain Law Group today for a better tomorrow.

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