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Contingent Fee Agreement

MINGUS MOUNTAIN LAW GROUP, PLLC charges a contingent fee for the representation of clients who have suffered Bodily Injury caused by a negligent party.  Our fee is 32% of all sums recovered, if the claim is resolved without litigation.  If litigation is necessary, our fee is 42% of all sums recovered.  Additionally, we advance all expenses necessary to promote our client’s claim.  During the representation of a client, we will NEVER deliver an invoice to the client expecting payment.  Finally, if no monetary recovery is obtained, no fee is owed.

For your convenience, attached is a current Contingent Fee Agreement containing all terms and conditions of our representation.  During the representation of our clients, we maintain significant contact, effectively communicating the status of the case with our clients.  This transparency promotes a result-driven attorney/client team.  Our transparency begins with the Contingent Fee Agreement.  

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