What are compensatory damages in personal injury cases? Mingus Mountain Law Group, personal injury attorneys in Prescott and Flagstaff, discuss compensatory damages and how you might be affected.

Most personal injury damages are classified as “compensatory.” This expresses the intention to compensate the injured party for what was lost as a result of an injury or accident. A compensatory damages award is designed to make the injured party “whole” again to the fullest extent possible from a monetary standpoint.

Here are some of the different types of compensatory damages that are commonly awarded in personal injury cases:

Medical treatment. Always included is the cost of medical care associated with an accident. The injured party does have the burden of proving that the medical care was reasonable and necessary. This includes reimbursement for treatment you’ve already received. It may also include the estimated cost of medical care you expect to need in the future as a result of the accident.

Property loss. Vehicles, personal property, or other items that were damaged as a result of the accident are covered. This will likely include the cost of repairs, or compensation for the fair market value of any property that was lost.

Income loss. You may be entitled to compensation for the accident’s impact on your wages or salary. It is not limited to income you’ve already lost, but also the earnings that you would have been able to make in the future were it not for the accident.

Pain and suffering and emotional distress. You may be entitled to receive compensation for pain and serious discomfort you suffered and for any ongoing pain that is a result of the accident. Emotional distress damages are meant to compensate a personal injury plaintiff for the psychological impact of an injury. This can include anxiety, fear and sleep loss.

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