Dollarphotoclub_42239657Avoiding Auto Accidents — Arizona Rules of the Road

Arizona law requires every driver to operate her automobile as a reasonably prudent person would in a similar situation and avoid an auto accident. This means a driver should not drive too fast for the present conditions, should not drive under the influence of drugs or alcohol, should be attentive, should comply with all traffic signs and signals, and not cause a collision. Unfortunately, many people do not comply with Arizona law because of all the distractions available today such as cell phones, drugs, stress, and haste.

If the driver operating an automobile in a reckless, careless and inattentive manner violently collides into you, you are entitled to and deserve compensation to reimburse you for your damages. Some of these damages include the property damage to your automobile, medical expenses incurred because of necessary medical treatment, pain and suffering, lost wages, inconvenience, loss of enjoyment of life, and future medical care expenses.

whiplashWe Take Pride in Caring for Our Clients, and Want to Care for You

Automobile collision injuries can be quite serious, sometimes requiring a tremendous amount of medical care and time off of work. If you were seriously hurt in an automobile collision caused by the inattentiveness of another, contact Mingus Mountain law Group to talk directly to an attorney about your legal options available. We know that you may have many questions involving payment of medical bills, reimbursement of rental car expenses, or liens, just to name a few. Also, the defendant insurance company may initially appear friendly, try to get you to sign medical authorizations, or, could be offering you a settlement very soon after the collision. There are even television commercials by insurance companies declaring how “fast” they resolve claims. You should be reluctant of these tactics and call us instead. A claim resolved quickly does not always mean a good deal.

We take care of our clients, and want to take care of you. Therefore, you need to call us today. We are experienced in litigating and negotiating automobile collision personal injury claims, and understand that the financial, emotional, and physical toll is felt not only by you, the victim, but also by your family. We work to obtain the maximum compensation recovery our clients deserve in order to assist them in moving on with their life.

We Understand That Securing Evidence is Crucial in an Automobile Collision Case

In order to protect your chances of monetary recovery, you need to contact our office as soon as possible after the collision so that we may begin securing crucial evidence which may include police reports, medical records, on-the-scene photographs, eyewitness names and any statement they may have given, before this crucial evidence disappears. With years of experience representing automobile collision victims, we know your rights and will work diligently to protect them. Ultimately, you have two years from the date of injury to file a lawsuit. However, calling us sooner than later will certainly benefit you in the long run.

motorcycleaccidentsMingus Mountain Law Group also Represent Victims of
Motorcycle Collisions, and Trucking Collisions

There is a large population of motorcyclists in Arizona. As Arizona law allows a rider to ride helmetless, many ride without. Unfortunately, when an inattentive operator of an automobile fails to see a motorcycle rider and collides with him, injuries can be devastating.

Also, professional truck drivers are required to follow dozens of federal and state regulations and laws. However, many do not, sometimes resulting in a violent collision with an innocent victim. When this occurs, time is of the essence as evidence needs to be collected before the trucking company conveniently misplaces it.

To obtain answers about your rights after an automobile collision, motorcycle collision, or trucking collision claim, contact Mingus Mountain Law Group today to talk to an experienced attorney. No money is needed up front, and if we do not secure a result for you, no fees are ever owed.

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